June Challenge #16

Pineapples seem hot right now! Although not my favorite fruit, I do have a personal connection to them. 20150616-03

Growing up in Hawaii most locals have an affinity towards pineapples. You see them being sold in the grocery stores and farmer's markets as commonly as apples and oranges. I actually grew up surrounded by them.

The photo below shows the view (circa 2009) from behind my grandmother's house. Sorry if it looks a little wonky, this was stitched in Photshop before I had an iPhone! I lived about 100 yards up the road from this view.

panorama of the pineapple fields

My father's family business was owning and running a pineapple farm on Maui. The business closed a few years ago when my dad and a few of the other owners decided to retire. Farming is not an easy life or occupation and not many are willing to put in the time and work nowadays. It's important to give the people who are growing our food proper credit and thanks!

Anyway, sorry that's a little background about me and where I grew up. I feel that there are so many different things that have shaped me as an artist and where I grew up had a big impact.

Here is a close up of my pattern.