My Faux Dori

I've been a planner addict for a few months. I think it all started when some planner peoples' images started popping up on the suggested Instagram feed. Here is a photo of my first planner (an A5 binder bought at Target).

This week's layout is fruity themed!

It actually worked really well but I always wanted a real planner (leather, 6 rings etc).

My Happie Scrappie faux dori on the left,and my black Kikki K planner (A5)

I found Happie Scrappie on Instagram and ordered one of her super cute faux dori. Here is a link to her online shop. In addition to her faux dori she also has a lot of adorable goodies to pretty up your notebooks. I use my faux dori for notes, ideas, sketching and quick planning.

My second planner was my Kikki K. I love it! It was a bit pricey but sometimes you can catch sales which is awesome! I use my Kikki K for pretty much everything family related.

I also have a great Mead planner that I received as a gift that I keep track of all my work related tasks. I found I couldn't fit all of my work related tasks in my small "WORK" section in my Kikki K planner.

Finally my own hand made faux dori.

Hand made faux dori

Sorry, I'm really happy with this. It's my first attempt at making my own and the first time I've touched a sewing machine in a couple years. I used iron on fusible to stick together two pieces of felt, then I placed the holes and sewed around the border. My only complaint is that I didn't really measure very well so it's just a hair too small to fit a half letter-sized notebook.  Oh, well, I'll just look at my Arashi charm and smile. :)

I also made some notebooks out of quality printer paper and pages from my Strathmore sketchbook.


Fits 4 notebooks