Net Picks - Yummy

Today is the start of a new weekly series called "Net Picks" where I'll share things I find on the net that are inspiring, funny, lovely, or things I personally want for myself. This will be a regular series that I'll post on Mondays. Today's net picks have the theme of "yummy" and they are all art! I have a Pinterest board dedicated solely to food related patterns. I had a hard time picking only four.

Yummy Net Picks

1) Paula Mills - I love the textures and the varied types of illustration this piece uses. She has outlined/hand drawn elements, flat almost stamp-like parts and then multicolored pieces too. It's a wonderful mix which is enhanced by the bright colors. I was even more impressed with the diversity of the pieces on her website! She is such a versatile artist!

2) Flora Waycott - There is something very charming about Flora's illustrations. I also love her simple coordinating patterns. The color palette is really fresh. Another thing I love about her work is that she puts so many wonderful details in the elements of her work. Please visit her site here.

3) Lucky Nielsen - I love the retro vibe I instantly got from Lucky's piece. I grew up using tupperware that came in these bright orange and yellow colors and it felt very nostalgic to me. I love all the coordinating patterns and feel they work so well together! Please visit Lucky's site for more awesome work!

4) Amyisla McCrombie - Please click the link to see a close up of this piece! I just love how it's hand drawn (and if it isn't it fooled me)! Seeing how the colors overlap naturally like markers is just delightful. Sorry in a world full of digital art (mine included) I love seeing these types of details that is almost impossible to achieve digitally! Check out more of her beautiful work here.


©: please note that the written comments and opinions are my own and not paid or solicited. The art is copyrighted to their original creators (which you can reach by the links provided).