WIP Wednesday

Sorry for the lack of posts recently! I have decided to try and create some special posts I can aim to blog on a weekly basis. Hopefully by having something concrete I know I can blog about regularly will keep me motivated. I must admit I do not digitally paint much. I really admire artists out there who are really adept at digital painting because I find it a lot harder than it actually looks.

For this piece I started with a sketch (in ink) I liked. I took a photo of it (since I didn't have access to a scanner) and started inking it in Photoshop. I then proceeded to block in the skin and other large flat areas of color. I finished up with some simple blending and shading. It's not nearly as complete as I'd like but it was a fun exercise to get my feet back into digital painting.

Other possibly useful info: software: Adobe Photoshop CS6; Tablet: Wacom Intuos4


WIP - Painting over sketch via katuno.com

WIP - Inking in Photoshop via katuno.com

WIP - Color blocking and shading via katuno.com

Finished piece