WIP Wednesday

Happy Wednesday everyone! Recently I've been busy with designing some printables I hope to sell on Etsy soon. I'm really into journaling and the whole Filofax/planner craze. I decided to start designing and selling printable journaling cards and embellishments. Printable Journaling Card in use

I decided if I was to create a printable set for sale, I wanted it to be:

  1. Nicely designed
  2. Versatile
  3. A good value
  4. Different from what's available

I put a lot of planning and thought into my first set. Here are a few sketches:

Planning different layouts for cards

Sketches of different layouts and fillable calendar cards

In addition to sketching out the layouts, I also thought about how many cards to offer in each set, combinations of solid/patterned cards and writable/journaling cards, and possible embellishments to add that people could use to customize their cards and print and use (possibly as stickers).

The first set is based off my owl pattern/illustration I did a while ago. I felt it had enough elements that I could build some patterns off of.

Owl Journaling Cards Preview

I hope to have these, and  more, up on my Etsy soon.