June Challenge #11

One of the things my 5 year old daughter loves the most in this world are cats. She has two favorites (stuffed animals) but probably close to 20 in her whole collection. I also grew up liking cats and we had quite a few when I grew up. These fancily dressed kitties sort of evolved from the glasses and bow wearing cats in the previous pattern I created.


I think my favorite part of creating these hip kitties was designing their outfits. For these I drew patterns of lines, "x"s and grids in various types of pen, scanned them in and then image traced them in Illustrator. I have a love/hate relationship with image trace. Sometimes it works great, other times it creates more work for me than if I just traced it myself by hand.  This time, thankfully, it worked fine. Oh, I also drew the kitties in black ink (solid shapes) and then image traced them in Illustrator (these proved more problematic and I did a lot of cleaning up).

I really enjoy creating cute characters and illustrations that my daughter would love (and I do too!). I run everything by her and she often provides great feedback. When I showed her these and asked which was her favorite she said "all of them" were.

Here is a close up.


WIP Wednesday

Just a quick post to share what I'm currently trying to finish. It's the end of the school year for my daughter so it's been pretty busy. I dunno, but when I was going to school I don't remember so much fanfare or my mom scrambling to get stuff ready (like goody bags) for my classes but times have changed I guess. Anywho, I've been trying to finish up these fun sassy cats. I envision this as a pattern but I figure you could use the individual cats for different things like a magnet set or in a stripe around a mug.  They are all fleshed out in Illustrator and I'm currently adding more textures and such in Photoshop.  I had fun drawing pen and ink textures to overlay on the flat faces.

cute cats in bows and glasses

Here are the textures I will soon add:

hand drawn textures

For these I drew with pen and ink and pencil and then scanned in. I then did an auto trace in Illustrator (more time consuming than it's worth I think) and I plan to overlay in Photoshop.  It's something new that I'm trying. I haven't really customized a hand drawn texture to really fit into a certain shape.  Usually I'll just create a pattern or texture and just use a clipping mask in Photoshop which pretty much just cuts it into the shape it's laying on.  We'll see if I like the effect of the texture fitting perfectly onto the shape.

And finally, here is my original sketch.  As you can see there were also "boy" cats with mustaches but I decided to keep the girls with the girls and will do the boys separately later.  I figure for licensing, they don't really mix the gendered stuff when it comes to kids.  Also, I changed some of the "grumpy" looking cats to more "smirky" or happy since I felt that it would be more appealing for kids. I dunno I think the grumpy cats are cute but that's just me. ;)

original sketches

WIP Wednesday

It's been a busy few weeks! There has been so many changes going on in my life (both with kids and my career) so I apologize if my posts haven't been as interesting as they could be! Anyway, back to WIP Wednesday! I'm currently taking a consultation course from the wonderfully talented Holli Conger! I'm working on building my illustration career and so far, her direction has been super helpful. So, below are a couple of color studies on a sketch I'm hoping to illustrate soon.


Here is a sketch I did of some hipster cats with glasses and mustaches. I hope to make these into a pattern soon.

hipster cats