BoomBoom Prints Shop Open!

Hello! I have opened up shop on BoomBoom Prints. They actually contacted me to see if I was interested in selling my work on their products. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that their focus is on the kids' market. My art and style strongly skews more towards this market so I was instantly intrigued. Although I only have a few pieces up, I will be continuing to add to my shop during the next few weeks. Here is a screen cap of my shop:

My BoomBoom Prints shop page

I'm really excited about this shop. As much as I love my Redbubble and Casetify shops, I feel confused if my work will sell due to it's more juvenile style (although surprisingly enough a lot of my cuter styles sell the best!). I'm hoping to populate this shop with all of my cutest illustrations and perhaps shift focus at Redbubble and Casetify to maybe some experimental more mature work (we'll see).  I may just post the same work on both sites seeing that the products they offer differ.

It's been thrilling to see so many purchases being made on my Redbubble shop. It's not a full time salary but it's great to see people appreciating my art enough to buy products with my work on them. It really brings me a great deal of joy knowing that I'm doing what I love and getting great feedback!