MATS Bootcamp May 2015 Gallery

Wow! I am blown away with the diversity of this month's MATS Bootcamp's submissions! Who knew there could be so many takes on the theme "crustacean dinnerware"? I felt I had to do a post to highlight some of my favorite pieces. The MATS Bootcamp gallery is open to the public to view so I am including links to the artists and the original posts in the gallery. 20150526-01


    1. Anette Heiberg - This would be lovely for a kid's birthday party or a line of kids dinnerware. The colors are so bright and fun and make the cute characters pop! See gallery post here.
    2. Gabriella Buckingham - Gabriella's piece is wonderful! I love the texture and how it looks like it was drawn on the plates by hand. The crustaceans themselves also have a lot of character and personality! See gallery post here.
    3. Chris Lensch - Another totally adorable design! Love the gender neutral color scheme too.  I like how he created a design within a divided tray/plate. My kids love using these and it's perfectly geared towards that market! See the gallery post here.
    4. Meghann Rader -  I love how Meghann's art is super clean with a lot of white space. Her painterly style is really sophisticated and pretty. See gallery post here.
    5. Dana Tanasa  -  I love the beautiful elements that Dana uses in her designs. They are so detailed and add a lot interest in her pieces. See gallery post here.
    6. Anne Lehman -  Anne's collection is so pretty with the hand drawn and hand painted elements. Her colors are a wonderful mix. See gallery post here.


  1. Inga Foltz - I love Inga's geometric take on her crustaceans. Really fresh and different! See gallery post here.
  2. Jane Sanders - Another cute design targeted for kids! My son would love eating from this plate! See gallery post here.
  3. Antoana Oreski - Antoana's design is so pretty! I love how she adorns the crustaceans with her delicate hand drawn patterns. Her color scheme is also so sophisticated and spot on. See gallery post here.
  4. Christina Veit - I love Christina's clean graphic style. Her design really caught my eye in the gallery (which isn't easy to do considering the number of submissions). See gallery post here.
  5. Rachael Schafer - I love how Rachael use the crustaceans as more of an embellishment than a centerpiece. I love her whale character! See gallery post here.
  6. Kate Mason - You really have to see the full sized image to be able to appreciate the details Kate included in her piece. See gallery post here.

To see all the gallery posts, please see the MATS Bootcamp May 2015 gallery.

©: please note that the written comments and opinions are my own and not paid or solicited. The art is copyrighted to their original creators (which you can reach by the links provided).