Make Art That Sells Bootcamp - Finale

MATS Bootcamp was really fun this session. I missed a couple of assignments but I was able to create some really great pieces.  This month's assignment was creating an editorial illustration for an article about digital nomads. The gallery was once again filled with wonderful work. I chose four of my favorite pieces to feature. You can view the whole gallery here.


  1. Katie Vernon - I really like how open and spacious Katie's piece is. I love her use of watercolors. I love seeing traditional media used. I wish I could paint more but in the mean time I'll enjoy the work of those that do! Please check out more work on her website.
  2. Anna Hokerberg - Anna's piece is also very airy and it has a great story going on in her piece. I feel her work makes me think: "Where is the girl working?" "What kind of work does she do up in the mountains?" It's great when the work provokes you to create your own story. Please check out more work on her website.
  3. Liz Alpass - I love how bright and cute Liz's piece is! All her little details are super cute and fun! Love the pineapple cocktail and the tiki head! Please check out more work on her website.
  4. Kelly Angelovic - I love Kelly's piece! What a unique take, and her use of colors is so pretty.  This would definitely be an eye catching piece if I saw it in a magazine.  Please check out more work on her website.

And last but not least, here is my finished piece. I do like it but I always second guess my decisions when I see the beautiful illustrations and wonderful ideas of the other bootcampers!


©: please note that the written comments and opinions are my own and not paid or solicited. The art is copyrighted to their original creators (which you can reach by the links provided). 

June Challenge #20

Wow, two thirds of the way through this month's challenge has come! It's definitely been challenging to post a new pattern every day but thankfully I have a library of images I can pull from. Here is another piece that I pulled together yesterday for items in my new Redbubble shop. Coffee or Tea?

This was made up of elements from an assignment from last year's Make Art That Sells Bootcamp.  I had a lot of fun creating all of these elements and it's nice I can draw from them for different projects if I desire. Nothing ever goes to waste!

Here are a couple close ups:

20150620-02 20150620-01

My Final MATS Bootcamp Assignment

Yay! I was able to submit to the MATS Bootcamp gallerr for June.  I'll be posting an update from the gallery next week when it opens for viewing. This month's assignment was to do an illustration of an editorial piece that was provided to us. The title of the article was "Tips for Becoming a Successful Digital Nomad".

Here is my take:


MATS Bootcamp was really fun. I learned a lot again and really enjoyed the assignments I was actually able to work on.  I regret missing a couple of months early on but am proud of what I was able to produce for the assignments I did complete.  There was a total of 5 assignments and I completed 3.

Here are the other pieces I was able to submit this year:

MATS Bootcamp February 2015

MATS Bootcamp May 2015

MATS Bootcamp May 2015 Gallery

Wow! I am blown away with the diversity of this month's MATS Bootcamp's submissions! Who knew there could be so many takes on the theme "crustacean dinnerware"? I felt I had to do a post to highlight some of my favorite pieces. The MATS Bootcamp gallery is open to the public to view so I am including links to the artists and the original posts in the gallery. 20150526-01


    1. Anette Heiberg - This would be lovely for a kid's birthday party or a line of kids dinnerware. The colors are so bright and fun and make the cute characters pop! See gallery post here.
    2. Gabriella Buckingham - Gabriella's piece is wonderful! I love the texture and how it looks like it was drawn on the plates by hand. The crustaceans themselves also have a lot of character and personality! See gallery post here.
    3. Chris Lensch - Another totally adorable design! Love the gender neutral color scheme too.  I like how he created a design within a divided tray/plate. My kids love using these and it's perfectly geared towards that market! See the gallery post here.
    4. Meghann Rader -  I love how Meghann's art is super clean with a lot of white space. Her painterly style is really sophisticated and pretty. See gallery post here.
    5. Dana Tanasa  -  I love the beautiful elements that Dana uses in her designs. They are so detailed and add a lot interest in her pieces. See gallery post here.
    6. Anne Lehman -  Anne's collection is so pretty with the hand drawn and hand painted elements. Her colors are a wonderful mix. See gallery post here.


  1. Inga Foltz - I love Inga's geometric take on her crustaceans. Really fresh and different! See gallery post here.
  2. Jane Sanders - Another cute design targeted for kids! My son would love eating from this plate! See gallery post here.
  3. Antoana Oreski - Antoana's design is so pretty! I love how she adorns the crustaceans with her delicate hand drawn patterns. Her color scheme is also so sophisticated and spot on. See gallery post here.
  4. Christina Veit - I love Christina's clean graphic style. Her design really caught my eye in the gallery (which isn't easy to do considering the number of submissions). See gallery post here.
  5. Rachael Schafer - I love how Rachael use the crustaceans as more of an embellishment than a centerpiece. I love her whale character! See gallery post here.
  6. Kate Mason - You really have to see the full sized image to be able to appreciate the details Kate included in her piece. See gallery post here.

To see all the gallery posts, please see the MATS Bootcamp May 2015 gallery.

©: please note that the written comments and opinions are my own and not paid or solicited. The art is copyrighted to their original creators (which you can reach by the links provided). 

WIP Wednesday

I think I might actually finish one of my MATS Bootcamp assignments this course!  I've been so busy starting up my own business that I've had to put MATS on the back burner but I really liked this month's assignment so I worked really hard to at least start it.  This month's assignment is designing homeware for the decor market.  The theme was crustaceans.  I've had lots of fun sketching out different crabs and lobsters.  I wanted to do a more realistic than cutesy style for this piece. Here are my initial sketches:

crab sketches

My initial thought was to give the crabs sailor-esque tattoos but I felt the details would get lost if they weren't printed really large (and for the MATS BC gallery, we have to upload pretty small) so I decided to do more pattern work instead on the crabs.

Here are two that were vectorized in Illustrator and textures added in Photoshop.

20150520-02 20150520-01

I still have one more design to work on (for a set) but here are the two plates I finished so far:


Sweet Tweets

Here is my final MATS Bootcamp submission for February. Overall I'm very happy with how it came out.  I put a lot of time into it and I had fun trying out new techniques and using elements I downloaded from DesignCuts and Creative Market.  Some brushes used for texture were Kyle Webster's.  

MATS Bootcamp February 2015

The assignment for February was create a piece of wall art using vintage scenic plates as inspiration.  I decided I wanted to do a theme with birds. I started out with sketches, then I traced the sketch in Adobe Illustrator.  After I created the vector version I imported everything into Photoshop where i started adding more details and textures.

Here is a compilation of my process shots.

From initial sketch to final image!