My Final MATS Bootcamp Assignment

Yay! I was able to submit to the MATS Bootcamp gallerr for June.  I'll be posting an update from the gallery next week when it opens for viewing. This month's assignment was to do an illustration of an editorial piece that was provided to us. The title of the article was "Tips for Becoming a Successful Digital Nomad".

Here is my take:


MATS Bootcamp was really fun. I learned a lot again and really enjoyed the assignments I was actually able to work on.  I regret missing a couple of months early on but am proud of what I was able to produce for the assignments I did complete.  There was a total of 5 assignments and I completed 3.

Here are the other pieces I was able to submit this year:

MATS Bootcamp February 2015

MATS Bootcamp May 2015