Net Picks - Animal Character Design

Happy Monday! Today's picks are really cute character designs featuring animals! I love character design (actually any developmental design). I'm guilty of hoarding "Art of" books of different animated movies (Frozen, Kung Fu Panda, Finding Nemo, and others). 20150420-00

Claudia Boldt - I love these adorable Corgis! Corgis are so cute to begin with but add fun outfits and they're awesome!

Fabien Mense - I love Fabien's wonderfully creative and whimsical designs! There is so much personality in each character and the variety of "species" is amazing!

Colonel Moutarde - I love the cool vibe these cats have! What great designs both character and fashion!

Joey Ellis - I had to smile when I saw these little dino designs. My two year old is currently obsessed with dinosaurs so I immediately thought these were so great! I love all the little expressions and the little chores the dino is doing!

©: please note that the written comments and opinions are my own and not paid or solicited. The art is copyrighted to their original creators (which you can reach by the links provided).