Net Picks - Behance Illustrators

Hello! Hope you all had a nice holiday weekend (if you live in the states)! Sorry for the blog hiatus, needed to focus on some projects but things are thinning out so I can focus on bloggin and hopefully making some new art! Today's Net Picks are a few illustrators I follow on Behance. I love Behance because not only are there tons of great artists out there, but it's super cool and convenient that you can follow them. This means any new art they create, like, or artists they follow will show up on your feed. I'm always interested in seeing what types of art artists I admire like. There is a whole gamut of styles on Behance too including children's illustration, hand lettering, graphic design, animation, character design, 3D renderings and photography to name a few.

Here are this week's picks:

Net Picks - Behance Illustrators

  1. Giovana Medeiros - Giovana has a very distinct style to her illustrations but she uses a variety of techniques. Her works range from fully rendered digital paintings, to letterpressed to painted with gouache. In addition to her Behance site, you can check out her website.
  2. Amélie Fléchais - Amélie's work has a very ethereal quality. I love all the details and textures she uses in her work. Always a treat to look at!
  3. David Pavon - David's work is so adorable. To me his style is reminiscent of classic Golden Books.
  4. Olga Demidova - Olga's work is so pretty! I love the colors she chooses and her characters have so much personality. Her work also has a classic quality about it.

Here is a link to my Behance site if you are interested.

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