Net Picks - Instagram Watercolorists

I used to really love to paint with watercolors. I took a few courses in college and even attempted to make a career in illustration until I discovered digital. I hope to one day pursue my love for watercolor but until then please enjoy some very wonderful artists I found on Instagram. net picks - Instagram watercolor artists

  1. Vicky Od (@vicky_od)- Vicky is a Russian water color artist. Unfortunately that's all I know about her but she is really wonderfully talented! Her Instagram feed is full of images of her work along with beautiful photography! I love it when artists not only showcase their work but also aspects of their life in great photos (I need to take a lesson here). Please check out her website for more work.
  2. Julia Socheieva (@so__juli) - Julia is an artist from the Ukraine.  She also has a lot of wonderful photographs peppered throughout her artwork on her Instagram. Please check out her website for more work.
  3. Ohn Mar Win (@ohn_mar_win) - Originally from Burma and now in the UK, Ohn Mar's work combines traditional and digital media. She also is participating in a 100 day challenge! Please check out her website for more work.
  4. Helen Dealtry (@helendealtry) - Hailing from Brooklyn, New York, Helen's work is magical. I just love how flowy and ethereal her wonderful floral paintings are. Her process videos are so amazing as well! Please check out her website for more work.

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