New Owl Pattern

I finally finished something! I always start digitizing a bunch of sketches and end up moving on to something new before finishing the previous project. I'm happy to say I put in the time to finish this project.  I really had fun with this piece.  Originally there were almost 20 owls but only seven made the final cut.  I may do another pattern with more of the other owls later. Cute Owl pattern

Close up of owls

Hopefully you can see in the close ups that I used a lot of different textures and brushes in this piece.  All the elements were originally traced from my initial sketches in Illustrator. I then used some digital brushes I made (altered from the original Illustrator Artistic brushes) and used those to add more natural strokes to different lines.  I imported all the owls and other vector elements into Photoshop as smart objects.  I then started adding noise and textures (this one from Nicky Laatz is great!) and kept tweaking.  If I was just doing a stand alone image to showcase the icons it would probably have been a lot quicker but I decided to create a repeating pattern.

Close up of owl

Close up of other elements

Repeating pattern