Net Picks - What I Wore Today

I know that being creative doesn't come easy to everyone. Neither does being stylish. I have never gotten the "knack" for dressing truly fashionable. Maybe it's the lack of funds I can spend on clothes or it may be just a lack of style. That's why the topic of this week's Net Picks is "What I Wore Today" illustrations.  I love how these artists are also super stylish in their own right, their self portraits are proof! Net Picks - What I Wore Today

  1. Anna Meyer - I love how Anna's illustrations have so much personality. I especially love the ways she draws her hair (hope that doesn't sound weird)! I found her "What I Wore Today" illustrations on her Deviant Art page but she also has a personal website where she showcases her illustration work along with her graphic design work.
  2. Alessandra Criseo - Alessandra has such a cool style which has a lot of humor in it. Her "What I Wore Today" illustration above is only a small sampling of a larger project she did where she actually illustrated a whole month's worth of outfits! She has such an enviable closet with so many awesome pieces! She has a Behance site along with her own personal website.
  3. Flo Minowa - I love how versatile Flo's style is. Her "What I Wore Today" piece above is very simple and editorial but when I visited her Deviant Art page, she does really developed detailed work as well. She has more work on her personal website.
  4. Joy Ang - I've been a long time fan of Joy Ang. I love how diverse her work is. She can do ultra simple and super cute to extremely detailed and beautiful. She does very detailed "What I Wore" illustrations on her tumblr site.

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