Net Picks - Online Resources

Today's net picks are a few sites I've found great resources and tools that I use in my work. 1- Kyle Webster's Brush packs for Photoshop - If you have a Wacom tablet and paint digitally, I would highly recommend you try out one of Kyle Webster's brush packs.  He's even generous to offer a couple free packs. I admit that I used to always try to find free resources online to use in my work. I understand not everyone can afford to spend money on digital tools, especially if making art is a hobby. I tried out a couple of Kyle's free packs and was sold. I ended up buying a few packs (which are very affordable!).  I have to admit my favorite go to brushes are in his free Pastel Palooza but I love the variety he offers in his Ultimate Megapack.

The piece below uses brushes from his Pastel Palooza pack, Runny inkers (another favorite) and Ultimate Megapack.

Close up of brush use

2- DesignCuts - I love DesignCuts because they offer great bundles of digital products at crazy insane prices!  I have to admit last year I went a little nuts for their font bundles. So far I've purchased four font bundles and two design resources bundles.  Their bundles usually cost between $29-$39 but considering one font could cost that much it's a super great deal. Their design bundles also have a wonderful variety of resources including Photoshop actions, vector elements, fonts, textures, and photography.  I check back on a regular basis to see what's currently being offered. These bundles are available for a  limited time only so it's important to check often.

3- Creative Market - Creative Market is a great resource for all types of digital resources. I must admit, this is where I get a lot of great resources for free! Every week they offer a few free resources. I've browsed around and the Creative Market has quality products. I looked into their submissions page and they ask to see samples of work before they allow a person to sell on their site which I think is a great way to establish quality control.


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