WIP Wednesday

I think I might actually finish one of my MATS Bootcamp assignments this course!  I've been so busy starting up my own business that I've had to put MATS on the back burner but I really liked this month's assignment so I worked really hard to at least start it.  This month's assignment is designing homeware for the decor market.  The theme was crustaceans.  I've had lots of fun sketching out different crabs and lobsters.  I wanted to do a more realistic than cutesy style for this piece. Here are my initial sketches:

crab sketches

My initial thought was to give the crabs sailor-esque tattoos but I felt the details would get lost if they weren't printed really large (and for the MATS BC gallery, we have to upload pretty small) so I decided to do more pattern work instead on the crabs.

Here are two that were vectorized in Illustrator and textures added in Photoshop.

20150520-02 20150520-01

I still have one more design to work on (for a set) but here are the two plates I finished so far: