WIP Wednesday

Here are a few examples of some new art I've been working on. I started out with a few sketches from my sketchbook. I was pretty much doodling things I enjoy drawing: princesses and flowers.

Here are the finished princesses. These were traced in Illustrator. I was actually really happ with how these turned out. I didn't feel they needed any more work (like in Photoshop). I was given the advice to shrink the eyes a bit. I have been influenced by Anime for a very long time so big eyes pretty much come naturally to me. I've had this recommendation before so I'm happy to comply. With these princesses  I wanted to provide lots of fun details and decoration but I kept the texture and effects to a minimum.

Here are some of the flowers from the first round of sketches fleshed out. I often find myself getting lost in the little details. I'm still playing around with these, seeing if I can eliminate some details, maybe add more if a flower seems to plain. I'm going to have to play more with the color palette. I'm not sold on this combo. I'm sure you can probably tell I just recycled the colors used in the princess illustrations! LOL.