Shop Update - Featured on Casetify!

I just wanted to share some of my iPhone cases that were featured on Casetify's Instagram.  They look so awesome! 20150817-03



Please check out my Casetify shop for more designs! Also, if you see anything you like, use the code "AUNFRD" for $10 off your order! Free shipping in the US too!

It's always hard to imagine how the actual product will look without actually purchasing but these look so nice! Take advantage of the semi-transparent cases that are available for iPhones! Not sure if they are also available for other makes and models but they look so cool when you can see your phone coming through the back.


*Images are © by Casetify. This post was not solicited or paid for.

My work on Casetify!

Hello! Just a post to let you know if you like my designs and would love to clothe you devices in them, please check out my collection on Casetify. Screen Shot 2015-06-16 at 8.27.08 AM


Casetify sells designs on different products ranging from phone cases to laptop cases.  One of their unique features is that they are able to print designs on clear phone cases that show through the design. Below are some of the phone cases in my shop that show this clear feature.

20150616-00 20150616-01

Feel free to check out the collection. If you like anything, please use this code for $10 off your first purchase!