Net Picks - Favorite links for inspiration

Hello everyone! Sorry today no pretty image (thought it would be easier to just do links). So we all know that the internet is a great source for inspiration and also an avenue to share our own work. Here are some of my go to sites to get some eye candy when I feel I need a break from working on my own things.

  • Pinterest - Hand's down the go to spot for fast visual food. I have the app loaded on all my iDevices along with a quick link on my Safari bookmark bar. I love Pinterest because I feel that before I joined this site I had a very narrow view of what art and artists existed out on the internet. I relied on finding people randomly and then bookmarking their blogs/websites. With Pinterest, I can now just visit and instantly I get feeds from all these great people I follow.
  • Pixiv - This is a Japanese site which is hard to navigate (if you can't read Japanese or if your browser doesn't automatically translate). I do like it though because I've found many great artists that I've never seen on other sites like Pinterest. It's been a while since I visited so I'll have to catch up on my feed. Essentially (from what I was able to gather with my limited understanding of Japanese) you can follow artists whose work will show up in your "feed". You can also favorite individual works which are saved to your "favorites" so you can easily view later.  I haven't uploaded anything (you can also share your own work) but I"m sure it's also a great way to showcase and share your own illustrations (and also writing)!
  • Bloglovin - Bloglovin is essentially a blog reader that collects and organizes feeds. I used to use Google Reader for my blog feeds and I really like Bloglovin. You can organize different blogs into categories and favorite posts. There are also iDevice apps if you want to read on the go on your phone.

Here are some of my favorite blogs:

  • Deja View - The blog of Andreas Deja, famous animator for Disney! I love his blog because not only is he a spectacular animator, he also shares tons of inside stories, photos and artwork from classic Disney animations. I have loved Disney animation since I was little but I truly had very little knowledge about the process or the animators. I've learned a great deal from Andreas' blog and it's only made me appreciate the work that goes into animated films even more.
  • Print & Pattern - Another go to spot for visual inspiration! Print & Pattern truly has it's finger on the pulse of what's current in pattern design today! The blog showcases pattern design on everything from textiles, printed materials, stationery and homewares.
  • Putting Me Together - Although I love fashion (and shopping) I am pathetic at dressing fashionably. I love this blog because author Audrey does a great job at showing readers how you can mix and match different wardrobe pieces to create a variety of different outfits (and her outfits are super cute and doable). She also gives images and links to different key pieces which makes shopping that much easier!

Please feel free to share some of your favorite go to sites and blogs!