Flashback Friday

Although I may be the artist in the family, my mom is definitely the quilter/seamstress. I don't know why I never really got into sewing (maybe it's because you have to be really precise) but unfortunately the talent skipped my generation. When my daughter was born, my mom used a design I did and made a quilt out of it. Although it got some use, we tried not to use it too much in fear that it would get worn out or stained. Here is the original illustration I did:

Owl family

Here is the final quilt with our daughter at about one and a half months old.


All the pieces were hand cut and machined sewn onto the quilt. It's a lot of work. I kind of cringe when I think about all the pieces that make up each owl (not to mention the actual quilt portion of the blanket). We have a bunch of quilts from my mom that we treasure but this one is especially special since I had a hand (somewhat) in the creation.