Hand drawn

Net Picks - Artists on Instagram

Sorry for the lack of Net Picks posts! It's been a crazy month so far! Today I wanted to showcase some of the wonderful artists I follow on Instagram.


  1. @heikala - There is a lovely gentleness to heikala's work. Her use of watercolors is so lovely (and impressive).
  2. @thousandskies  aka Elda The- I've followed Elda's work for years (originally on deviant art!). I love her Instagram because she shares a great deal of progress and behind the scenes shots. She shares a lot of sketches, painting videos and crafts.
  3. @danhipp - Dan's Instagram feed is a treasure trove of his renditions of many current pop culture characters. I hate to admit that I discovered him because he art directs my daughter's favorite cartoon (Teen Titans) but better late than never!
  4. @lady_tea aka Trudi Castle - Trudi's work is totally my cup of tea! I love concept art, RPGs and fantasy and her work pretty much sums this all up. Her characters and environments are super engaging and I can't stop looking at her hand drawn sketches.

Although I follow a lot of terrific artists on Instagram, I really like how these 4 showcase hand drawn and hand painted work. I work mainly digitally (although was trained in traditional medium) and I really enjoy seeing people creating with good old pencils, pens and paints.


©: please note that the written comments and opinions are my own and not paid or solicited. The art is copyrighted to their original creators (which you can reach by the links provided).