WIP Wednesday

I was inspired by the cool treats I featured in my Net Picks this week so I decided to do a few of my own.  I've had these really roughly sketched out a while ago. My daughter loves her ice cream and I had her in mind when fleshing these out. 20150622-04


I wanted to give these a letterpress/stamped/printed look. First I drew out the flat shapes in Illustrator. Then I used Photoshop to give them the teture that makes them look like they were printed or stamped.  It's really fun tweaking these, adding layers.

If you are interested in getting the same effect, you can purchase the tools:

InkPad by Vintage Design Co. - via Creative Market - Cherry, Cones, Swirl ice cream, chocolate topping

Texture Press by Vintage Design Co. - via Creative Market - Polka dots pattern, cones, ice creams

Super Grain by RetroSupply Co. - via Creative Market - Ice creams

All of these have pretty similar controls but the effects are all slightly different.  It's nice being able to get a variety of effects. I'll soon be starting a new series of posts called "Tools of the trade" where I'll share tools, fonts, actions that I have and use and show what you can create with them.

©: please note that the written comments and opinions are my own and not paid or solicited. I may receive compensation if you buy the products listed but I've personally purchased all tools featured.